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Evilxhakz Motorola Nexus 6 64GB: ... the new Nexus 6 just around the corner. It might simple be one number up from its smaller sibling - the Nexus 5 - but the Nexus 6 is more than just a simple upgrade. It is one of the first devices to run Android Lollipop and is also one of the biggest phone/tablet on the marketing measuring in at 6.3 x 3.1 x 0.4 inches. its fast, smart, amazing. Its large size makes it pretty much impossible for reviewers to use...
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Smartphones - Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2
Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2, Schwarz - Androidversion: 4.4 / Smartphones / CPU: Single-Core / Bürofunktionen: Alarmfunktion, Diktiergerät, Timer, S Planner, Memofunktion, Weltuhr, Rechner, Stoppuhr, Sicherheitsfunktionen / SIM-Kartengröße: Micro / Tastatur: Virtuell / Satellitenortung: Ja / Speicher: Intern...
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Premium N915
Smartphones / Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, SM-N915FY Premium Edition, 4G HSPA+, 32 GB, 5.6", Quad HD+ Super AMOLED, GSM, Android Phone, Schwarz
Smartphones - Porsche Design P'9983
Smartphones / Porsche Design P'9983, 4G LTE, 64 GB, 3.1", GSM, Schwarz
LG L Fino
LG L Fino, Violett - Androidversion: 4.4 / Smartphones / CPU: Quad-Core / Arbeitsspeicher: 1 GB / Satellitenortung: Ja / Speicher intern (GB): 4 GB / microSD-Steckplatz: Ja / Datendienste: HSUPA: Ja / HSDPA: Ja / Datenübertragung/Anschlüsse: WLAN: Ja / Bluetooth: Ja / NFC: Ja / DLNA (Multimedia-Netzwerk...
Smartphones - Huawei Ascend G6 4G
Huawei Ascend G6 4G, Android Phone, GSM / Smartphones / UMTS, 4G LTE, 8 GB, 4.5", IPS, Schwarz
Huawei Ascend G630
Huawei Ascend G630, Android Phone, GSM / Smartphones / UMTS, 3G, 4 GB, 5", IPS, Schwarz
Smartphones - Huawei Ascend G6
Huawei Ascend G6, Android Phone, GSM / Smartphones / UMTS, 3G, 4 GB, 4.5", IPS, weiß
Alcatel One Touch Star Duo
Alcatel One Touch Star Duo, 4" Zoll, GSM / Smartphones / UMTS, 4 GB, Android 4.1, Silber
Smartphones - Alcatel One Touch Pop C3 Duo
Alcatel One Touch POP C3 Duo, 4" Zoll, GSM / Smartphones / UMTS, 4 GB, Android 4.2, Schwarz
Alcatel One Touch Idol 2 Mini 6016X
Smartphones / Alcatel One Touch Idol 2 Mini 6016X, Cloudy, 3G HSPA+, 4 GB, 4.5", IPS, GSM, Android Phone
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Evilxhakz Apple iPhone 4 16GB
... agree the iPhone 4 is the best yet, with huge upgrades to the iPhone 3GS (*Est. $100 with contract). Though its prowess remains undisputed, few critics are willing to peg it the absolute best out there, however. With a level playing field, many critics feel that choosing the right smartphone boils down to a matter of personal preference. "iPhone is no longer the only worthy contender," says David Pogue of The New York Times. The iPhone 4 is available in 16 GB (*Est. $200) and 32 GB (*Est. $300) configurations. We review the newest model, the Apple iPhone 4 (Verizon) (Free with contract for 8 GB) as well. feature most talked about this time around is...
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Evilxhakz Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition
... is riding high at the top of the smartphone market, and the latest Galaxy is expected to provide another boost. If you re one of the millions of people the world over who ve bought the S4 already, or you re just planning to get your hands on one in the near future, then you ll be interested to learn exactly what it can do. This phone unlike the s3 has a better cpu and more memory. Interesting enough the s4 is a lot cheaper then people expected. Retailed for now 0$ on a new contract this phone is a must have. Now let me tell you about the durability about this phone, amazing ill tell yeah, Iv had mine for a long time and i drop it once or twice a week and has never...
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Evilxhakz Apple iPhone 6 64GB
... Iphone 6 is a wonderful phone, everything is where it should be and the over all look is just amazing: glass curves over the edge of a newly rounded enclosure that is bigger but thinner, and les durable. Feeling smaller in the hand than the much boxier 5s. The power button has moved to the side so that it s within easy reach and the volume keys have been transformed from round to rectangular buttons. Small changes such as these make a huge difference both physically and performance wise. The camera now protrudes from the back of the iPhone, but not by so much as to feel too awkward. Thinner cameras are available, so this is an interesting, conscious choice by Apple to...
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